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Platinum Off Grid Solar Systems

Complete energy independence through solar power

3kW platinum off-grid system

Roof mount $7,500
Ground mount $8,400

5kW platinum off-grid system

Roof mount $12,500
Ground mount $14,600

8kW platinum off-grid system

Roof mount $22,000
Ground mount $24,600

10kW platinum off-grid system

Roof mount $25,000
Ground mount $28,000

12kW platinum off-grid system

Roof mount $30,000
Ground mount $30,600

Silver Off-Grid System

Energy independence that won’t break your bank

Platinum & Gold Grid-Tie Solar Systems

Seamlessly connect to the power grid for efficient energy exchange

Silver Grid-Tie Solar Systems

Affordable and efficient connection to clean energy

Hybrid Solar System

Ultimate flexibility in energy management for residential and commercial needs

Individual Solar Components & Accessories

Build your own and save on solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, and more

10kW 48 volt solar lithium battery

10kW Yiling 2023 outdoor lithium battery


Yilink 48v 10kW lithium solar battery. No logo.

Yilink 48V Lithium Solar Battery No Logo


image coming soon

Breaker box

$ 100

wires for solar installation

100′ of 12 gauge solar PV wire 1000V


Sun 230 solar panels

Sun 230W poly solar panel

$130 each

Minimum order of 10 panels

Mono solar panels

Solarever 455W Solar Panels Mono Perc 144 Cells

$ 289 each

Minimum order of 10 panels

Suniva solar panels

Suniva 340W Solar Panels

$230 each

Minimum order of 10 panels

Primo solar inverter

Fronius Primo solar inverter


image coming soon

RV, boat or camper van solar system kits

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We know it’s hard to believe, but we really mean it.

We work directly with solar manufacturers. We do all the work ourselves, so you don’t have to pay someone else for their time.

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Understanding Off-Grid, Grid-Tie, and Hybrid System

1. Off-Grid Solar System

An Off-Grid Solar System means that you’re entirely independent of the city’s power grid. You are responsible for all your electricity production, and excess energy is stored in a battery bank. When the sun isn’t shining, you pull from the batteries.

  • Pros:
    • Complete independence from the power grid.
    • Full control over your electricity production and consumption.
    • Ability to store energy for use during cloudy or rainy days.
  • Cons:
    • Requires careful management of energy usage and battery storage.
    • Potentially higher initial setup cost for battery systems.

2. Grid-Tie Solar System

A Grid-Tie Solar System is connected to the local power grid, allowing you to send excess energy back to the grid and draw power when needed. It’s a two-way relationship with the grid but does not include battery storage or backup generator management.

  • Pros:
    • Cheaper than hybrid inverters.
    • Potential for credit from the utility company (depending on policies).
    • Can reduce electricity bills.
  • Cons:
    • No battery backup means no power at night if the grid is down.
    • Dependency on utility company policies and grid reliability.

3. Hybrid Solar System

A Hybrid Solar System is the most flexible option, allowing you to manage energy in multiple ways. It can send electricity back to the grid, store energy in a battery bank, and even manage a backup generator.

  • Pros:
    • Advanced inverter technology for multiple energy management options.
    • Flexibility to adapt to different energy needs and scenarios.
    • Ability to maintain power even when the grid is down (with battery backup).
  • Cons:
    • Generally more expensive than grid-tie inverters.

Comparing Off-Grid, Grid-Tie, and Hybrid Systems

Connected to power gridNoYesYes
Battery storageYesNoYes
Backup generator managementNoNoYes

General Recommendation: what solar system is right for me?

In our opinion, if you can afford the hybrid system, go for it. It provides the most flexibility and adaptability to various scenarios. The only exception might be if the electric company is paying you dollar for dollar for the electricity you send back, then a grid-tie system might be favorable.

However, with the increasing unreliability of grids, having a battery backup (as in a hybrid system) could be crucial, especially in situations like hurricanes, tornados, or any unforeseen disasters that can disrupt the power grid.

The ability to maintain power at night and during emergencies makes a strong argument for choosing a hybrid system.

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