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12kW Silver Grid-Tie System

System includes:

36Suniva 340W Solar Panels
112 kw Growwatt all in one inverter 48v
36Tigo TS4-A-O Optimizer | Rapid Shutdown | 15A, 700W,1500VUL/1000VIEC | MC4, 1.2M Cable
112KW Ground Mount system lifetime warranty
100ft10 AWG Copper PV Wire | Black and Red


Introducing our Silver 12kW Grid-Tie Solar System, the pinnacle of clean energy solutions tailored for those seeking excellence and unmatched performance.

This all-inclusive package features:

  • 36 Suniva 340W Solar Panels: State-of-the-art panels designed for maximum efficiency and long-lasting performance.
  • 1 12KW Growwatt All-In-One Inverter 48V: This cutting-edge inverter ensures seamless energy conversion and integration with your power grid.
  • 36 Tigo TS4-A-O Optimizers: Enhance your system’s performance with these advanced optimizers, offering rapid shutdown capabilities and superior energy output control.
  • 1 12KW Ground Mount System with Lifetime Warranty: Built to last, this ground mount system offers stability and peace of mind with a lifetime warranty.
  • 100ft 10 AWG Copper PV Wire (Black and Red): Premium wiring for a secure and efficient connection.

From residential to commercial applications, this silver grid-tie solar package guarantees top-tier performance, substantial energy savings, and a significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

Whether you’re an experienced solar enthusiast or just beginning your journey into renewable energy, our Silver package offers the finest components and unparalleled support.

Full installation services are available, or if you’re a DIY enthusiast, we provide detailed guides and support to help you through the process.

Embrace the future of energy with our Silver package and join the movement towards a sustainable and economically sensible lifestyle. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let’s find the perfect solar solution for you!

You can own an affordable solar energy system.

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