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Here’s a story on how one sous chef learned to love solar energy.

Stacy Bland, Next Earth Solar Co-Founder

Ask for Stacy. He’s your new solar guy who can slash your electric bill in half or even more!

My name is Stacy Bland. I am a local North Carolina native. Born and live here in Sylva.

I help homeowners save money on their electric bills.

I have been in the solar business since 2006.

I trained as a sous chef at the Ritz Carlton in Jacksonville when I was 20. After my training, I accepted a job as a sous chef at a restaurant in the Florida Keys. For 11 years, I worked there. Then my boss asked if I would go to the Virgin Islands with him and open a new restaurant in St. John. I said, “Let’s go, Boss.”

My venture into the “solar system” started on the island. In the Caribbeans, the sun powers almost everything. Every house has a solar water heating system. Homeowners collected water in a 50-gallon rain barrel.

I worked at the restaurant at night. During the day, I tagged along with a solar installation crew picking up whatever knowledge they threw my way. After 4 years on the island, I moved back to the mainland (2005). Solar was just taking off then. I knew this was something that I could excel at.

So, I went to school, North Carolina State University…
NC State University offered a certification course on renewable energy and solar system installation.

I was living in Greenville at the time, working as a roofing contractor. My schedule was crazy. I worked every day to make ends meet. When I finished the daily roofing job, I drove to Raleigh to attend a renewable energy class. After 18 months of a weekly two-hour round trip drive, I graduated.

I earned a Certificate for Renewable Energy from NC State University. Since then, I’ve been consulting residential and commercial businesses for:

  • solar installation
  • Solar PV systems (complete systems)
  • wind turbines (for sailboats)
  • solar hot water heating
  • solar pool heating
  • geothermal energy

I have been bona fide certified since 2005.

I work directly with various solar panel and battery distributors to custom-build solar systems for residential and commercial clients.

The solar business has been very good to me. I have been blessed with great customers. And I hope my next customer will be YOU.

Why buy your solar kits from Next Earth Solar?

My company is local. We are family-owned and operated. To you, a small team means less cost. 

I can offer solar panels, solar batteries, or a custom-built system at a lower cost than others because I don’t have to spend too much money to support a large staff. 

We empower not only DIY enthusiasts but also residential and commercial home builders, as well as greenhouse growers. With our comprehensive solutions and expertise, you’ll ultimately achieve significant savings and efficiency. In the end, you save more with Next Earth Solar.

I am confident that you’ll get a cheaper or more affordable solar system when buying from me.

I can design a solar system specific to your energy demand, whatever system you like, large or small. On top of that, I will find the best prices on solar panels and batteries for you.

I am just a phone call away.

Let’s talk and see how much you can save with Next Earth Solar.

You can own an affordable solar energy system.

We'll put together a solar installation package that won't break your budget.

Whatever the size of your project, you save with Next Earth Solar.

Call us today to get a quote on solar panels, inverters, and battery packs. We're sure we can beat any other quote you have!.


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