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5kW Silver Grid-Tie System

System includes:

15Suniva 340W Solar Panels
1Growatt 5kW Grid-Tie Inverter | MIN 5000TL-X
15Tigo TS4-A-O Optimizer | Rapid Shutdown | 15A, 700W,1500VUL/1000VIEC | MC4, 1.2M Cable
15KW Ground Mount system lifetime warranty
100ft10 AWG Copper PV Wire | Black and Red


Ideal for small to medium-sized homes and businesses seeking an efficient and cost-effective solar energy solution.

Introducing our 5KW Silver Grid-Tie Solar System, a carefully crafted package designed to make the transition to solar energy accessible and rewarding.

Our Silver package offers quality solar components and performance, making it a smart choice for those on a budget without compromising on essential features:

  • 15 Suniva 340W Solar Panels: Experience reliable energy generation with these efficient solar panels, designed for lasting performance.
  • 1 Growatt 5kW Grid-Tie Inverter | MIN 5000TL-X: Seamlessly convert solar energy into usable power with this intelligent grid-tie inverter, ensuring smooth integration with your existing electrical system.
  • 15 Tigo TS4-A-O Optimizers: Maximize efficiency with these innovative optimizers, providing rapid shutdown capabilities and precise control over energy output.
  • 1 5KW Ground Mount System with Lifetime Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our robust ground mount system, guaranteed to stand the test of time.
  • 100ft 10 AWG Copper PV Wire (Black and Red): Quality wiring to complete the system, designed for secure connections.

Our 5KW Silver Grid-Tie Solar System offers a practical and affordable pathway to renewable energy, suitable for both residential and small commercial applications.

Whether you’re looking to reduce energy bills, minimize your carbon footprint, or explore the benefits of solar for the first time, this package provides all the essentials for success.

Considering a grid-tied solar system? Prices can range from as low as $10,000 to upwards of $50,000. But you can your grid-tie systems cheaper at Next Earth Solar.

On average, most American households invest between $12,000 to $15,000 for an on-grid system installation. Remember, this cost includes benefits like the Federal Income Tax Credit, which reimburses you with 30% of the installation cost as a tax credit.

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We offer support for both DIY enthusiasts and those preferring professional installation, with comprehensive guides and expert consultation available at every step.

Embrace the future of energy with confidence, knowing that our Silver package offers quality and value, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Contact us today for a personalized consultation, and discover how our 5KW Silver Grid-Tie Solar System can transform your energy experience and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

What benefits can I expect from the 5kW Silver Grid-Tie system?

The 5kW Silver Grid-Tie system is designed to offer homeowners a reliable and efficient means to harness solar energy. It’s an optimal size for many average-sized homes, providing significant savings on electricity bills.

How do solar tax incentives impact the cost of this system?

Solar tax incentives can substantially reduce the overall cost of your system. The federal government offers tax credits that can reimburse you a percentage of the installation costs, making solar more affordable. Some states, including Virginia and Georgia, offer additional incentives and rebates. These solar incentives can further reduce installation costs.

Opting for a grid-tie system can be particularly profitable in cities where the utility company offers favorable rates for buying back your excess electricity, such as a 1-for-1 rate.

Can I upgrade my 5kW Silver Grid-Tie system to a hybrid system in the future?

Absolutely. If you’re thinking about combining the advantages of both on-grid and off-grid systems, refer to our comprehensive guide to sizing a hybrid system for detailed insights. In a grid-tie setup, you typically have just the inverter and solar panels, without a battery.

To transition to a hybrid system, you’d essentially replace your current solar inverter with a hybrid one and then integrate a battery for energy storage.

How does a grid-tie system differ from other solar setups?

A grid-tie system is directly connected to the public electricity grid. It allows homeowners to feed excess solar energy back into the grid, potentially earning credits on their utility bills. For a comprehensive understanding, you can refer to our complete guide to grid-tie systems.

Are there any additional benefits of going for a grid-tie system over an off-grid system?

Yes, grid-tie systems offer the advantage of uninterrupted power supply even when solar production might be low, as they can draw from the grid. They also allow homeowners to potentially earn credits by feeding excess power back into the grid.

However, for those who want complete energy independence, off-grid systems might be more appealing.

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