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8kW Platinum Solar Hybrid System

Premium solar system: 8kW hybrid

System includes:

16445w 72 cell Heliene solar panels 12v monopoly
34EG4-LifePower4 Lithium Battery | 48V 100AH | Server Rack Battery
18KW Ground Mount system lifetime warranty
100ft10 AWG Copper PV Wire | Black and Red


Efficient Power Management: 8kW Platinum Hybrid Solar System

Why Our 8kW Platinum Hybrid System?

The 8kW Platinum Hybrid Solar System offers a balanced blend of performance and adaptability. Designed for those who prioritize efficient energy management, this hybrid solar system provides a robust solution for medium to large households or businesses.


  • 16 Heliene 445w 72 Cell Solar Panels: Precision-crafted panels ensure optimal solar energy capture, translating to consistent power output.
  • 1 SOL-ARK 8KW Inverter (120/240VAC, 48VDC): A versatile inverter that supports both indoor and outdoor setups. It streamlines energy conversion while offering the flexibility of a hybrid system.
  • 3 4EG4-LifePower4 Lithium Batteries (48V 100AH): Reliable storage for surplus energy, ensuring power availability even during off-sunlight hours.
  • 8KW Ground Mount System with Lifetime Warranty: A durable mounting solution that guarantees stability for your solar array.
  • 100ft 10 AWG Copper PV Wire (Black and Red): Quality wiring designed for efficient energy transfer, integral to the system’s overall performance.

The 8kW Platinum Hybrid Solar System stands out for its straightforward efficiency. It provides the flexibility to switch between grid-tied and off-grid modes seamlessly. A practical choice for those keen on a reliable and adaptable energy solution.

For those evaluating the cost of hybrid solar systems and aiming for the pinnacle of solar technology, our 8kW Platinum Hybrid Solar System is the paramount choice. It provides unmatched flexibility, elite components, and the promise of a steadfast, sustainable energy solution.

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